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IndusPAD logoEstablishing a commercial or industrial business can be incredibly challenging, but with the right location, anything is possible. IndusPAD provides start-up space for small companies and small, medium, or large manufacturers. We offer manufacturing and warehouse space and offices in close proximity to the thriving Boston area. This location is the perfect incubator for innovative new businesses looking to get their start in Massachusetts.

In this blog, we will cover a wide array of topics that we feel will be informative and interesting to our customers, from the benefits of working with our company to tips and tricks for growing your business. If you are starting a business and are scouting out a location, or a manufacturing company looking for manufacturing and warehouse space, you should subscribe. We will be publishing new and interesting content on a regular basis, so don’t want to miss out. When you subscribe, you will receive an email every time we post new content.

Give your business a bright future by basing your startup in a high-traffic, resourced location. When you are looking for commercial real estate in Lawrence, MA, turn to the team at IndusPAD. Contact us today to see the locations that we have available for your business.