Executive Assistant

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IndusPAD is an industrial real estate company focused on innovation and incubation of new industrial production companies. Our facility is a modern Class “A” 600,000 SF facility that can help any company brand itself in an international marketplace and has the infrastructure to establish any scale of industrial production. Our company is focused on finding multiple tenants, advancing them with opportunities, talent, grants, resources, and infrastructure wherein we can help them succeed and facilitate their success story.

Your role will lead you to be part of the core group of people in the company and therefore you must be driven, have the ethics, the core values, and the talents of a superstar. Do not apply if you do not have what it takes to be in this role. If you still apply, you will have to prove your credentials, history of work and your professionalism.

Job Responsibilities:

Assist CEO in Scheduling the Meetings
Assist Management Team in Lining Up Showings, and also in Various In-House Management Tasks
Help Marketing Team in Designing the Marketing Materials.
To Make Phone Calls to Contractors, Vendors for Any Service
To Follow Up on the Leeds and Should Be Able to Make 50 Calls a Day