Senior Operations Engineers, Lawrence MA


  • Assist the COO in the operations of facility infrastructure of IndusPAD’s 14-acre class “A” industrial facility, which includes 496,000 SF. manufacturing and operations, 89,000 SF corporate offices.
  • Assist in the operation and maintenance of all facility’s systems.
  • Equipment includes, but not limited to low pressure boiler and steam system, centrifugal chiller operations, HVAC, process cooling systems and waste treatment operations.
  • Complete engineering projects including mechanical building systems, Troubleshooting, support of building control systems, office renovations, laboratory fit ups and manufacturing equipment installations. Assist Chief Executive Officer in budget development, project estimation and planning, design of heating and cooling systems, calculation of heat loads, sizing studies, preparation of construction drawings, cost estimations, bid documents and construction  
  • Design, review, determine specifications of construction and remodel projects with architectural team and city officials in permitting processes for all the Tenant Improvement projects.
  • Monitor and help Operations team in the day-to-day activities and work on Engineering, Plant Operations, Aesthetics and Grounds. Assist the CEO in Engineering Change Requests (ECR) processes necessary to make approved facility modifications as needed to support manufacturing operations for new tenants.
  • Negotiate project bids with contractors and purchase the materials from the vendors.
  • Assist leasing and marketing team in providing the operational input on advanced engineering and manufacturing industry practices.
  • Meet with potential clients/tenants in the facility and provide the facility’s infrastructural information and understand their needs to provide quality space. Coach team members to adhere to quality standards.
  • Document conversations with employees, vendors, clients, and leadership.
  • Develop mechanisms to review contracts and evaluate payment structures, quality standards, implications of legal language and commitments, pitfalls, and failure points.

• 40
• 5 DAYS

• $90,210 – $115,500 /YEAR

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